Action loaded
Customizable Cars
Online Multiplayer
HQ Graphics
Well optimized
Approachable devs

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Who We Are

We're just two guys working on a racing indiegame together. As Mileage is our first co-op project it isn't the first game we ever worked on.

Meet our team

Here at PHOSdigital we are a tiny #indiedev team from Germany working on a game called MILEAGE.

MILEAGE will be an action loaded battle racer. You can think of it as "Destruction Derby meets Mad Max" with some unique twists that we will reveal later during production. We will support Multiplayer and Singleplayer gameplay, all kinds of controllers and our current lead plattform is PC (Windows). Right now we are in the middle of our pre-production phase creating a vertical slice of our game.

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Recent Screenshots

We are working nonstop to make this game come to life. Here are some screenshots from our current pre-alpha build.